Sunday, June 28, 2009

Guest Writer Short Story: A SHORT SHUFFLE

Ruby Tuesday wears doc martins and tells everyone
She just follows her nose.
Its no secret: that
Her boots are bigger than her feet.

Susie Q never wears sparkly leopard print shirts or
Colours her nails darker shades than their existing one.
She wears:
white eyelet cotton cardigans
but her feet fit her boots.

On nights when it rains and the roads smell hot Tuesday goes out.
She wants. She needs. She hurts.
The world is tame so she is wild.
A wildly tame nose follower.

Susie Q skips and whistles. She knows she’s going to get whatever she wants. Because she knows what she wants.
Adults smile at her. Soft proud smiles. Warm-woollen-winter-sock smiles. Smiles that say:
“you’re doing it right, kid”
And she smiles back because she’s a go-getter.
And she will go get.

Ruby Tuesday empties out her pockets and finds 50 quid. And some dusty fluff. The same that collects in Susie Q’s warm-winter-woolly sock drawer. Ruby kicks out the window pane. The shatter makes the hounds start barking. She wants to wake the house. Remind them to worry about her. Because she’s on the brink. She’s wild. Her shirt drags behind her and she draws on the walls with chalk as she walks down the pavement streets. Into the Gotham tall city high rised jungle.

New York is my domain its madness makes you sane.

Susie Q wakes up! Fresh faced and ready for anything. Today opportunities will fly her way. She tip toes out the door.
A fresh toed ballerina.
She can’t be late. Today is her day.
No cynicism.
No analysis.
Pure life enjoyment. She notices a chalk stain down the wall as she trots along the pavement. Deep into the urban jungle.

(a) One second two planes. One second two towers.
One second one breath. One second one centre
One second 3000 lives. One second 3000 lives less.
One second of rubble. One second and everything changed.

(b) no-one was prepared.

Red-doc-martins and warm-winter-socks
both stop.
Everyone stops. and empties. and gulps. and shakes.
and re-takes.
Sirens cut the silence. Pierce through the comfortable stereotypes a ball point pen was busy shaping. Through the Insane Domain
and try and make things
sane again.

During the rhyming commotion no one stepped out far enough to see all the countries in the world slide a little further apart.
Life sized chess pieces in the world tournament.
It takes a calamity to tear countries apart, and it takes a calamity to bring a country’s people together.
No one stepped in close enough to see that in that one second two girls, became one girl.

One fresh-toed warm winter sock in a dangerously large doc martin.

The alteration was almost effortless. Just like fluffing a pillow.

Because diamonds are made out of the exact same atoms as soot they’re just arranged differently. So everyone keeps shuffling.



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