Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Twisted time

Hey precious readers. This time I’ve decided to try my hand at philosophy. It’s a small thing (it doesn’t involve all of time and space) and probably not very original, but hey, it’s a start.

My philosophy is about the concept of Time [Big, controversial topic, philosophy wise]. I perceive Time in to forms, Real Time and Personal Time. Both ‘Times’ run parallel but Personal Time is somewhat distorted.

Real Time is the ‘tick of the universe’, the History of everything essentially. For us, the people of earth, Real Time is what goes by on the clock. There will always be sixty seconds in a minute and twenty-four hours in a day. The main one requirement of Real time is that it’s definite. An ideal view/image of Real Time, although it can depend on your view of history, is that of a straight line. It either stretches infinitely from left to right, or it moves between two points, creation and destruction, but it is straight nevertheless.

Personal Time, on the other hand, is all about perception. Everybody and everything has its own personal time. The best sort of example is people complaining about the exam time ‘flying by’ or a wait of a few minutes taking an hour, there is also the view that time speeds up as we grow older. This is how people see Time passing. Personal Time is basically the same thing as real time except it is stretched and distorted so that it moves at different rates. It is also a lot shorter, considering if follows the path of single individual. I said before that Personal Time runs parallel to Real Time, and this is true in a sense although seeing as how Personal Time is distorted think of it as a curved line that runs alongside Real Time.


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